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Tahli Watts

Tahli Watts

National Sales Manager / Bounce Foods & Creator / Golden Grind

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What do you get when you merge intelligence, strength of mind, a tenacious wit, and a golden mo together? Confused? Well… so were we when we first met Tahli Watts, National Sales Manager at Bounce Foods, and Creator of NEW foodie phenomenon, Golden Grind.   

Ellice Whichello

Ellice Whichello

Paediatric Specialist / Nestle Health Science

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Yes, that’s her… Up at 4am each and every morning; sweating, punching, and moving. Yes, that’s her… Business women, in a suit, perfectly manicured and cool AF! Yes, that’s her… Passionate about nutrition and helping others live a vitality packed life. Yes, that’s her… Loving her family and supporting her friends. Yes, that’s her… Ellice Whichello, the girl we currently blame for our recent OBSESSION with JLo’s Instagram Account, it’s truly becoming serious!

Sarah Holloway

Sarah Holloway

Funtrepreneur / Matcha Maiden + Matcha Mylkbar

CEOSales & Business

One thing is certain… add a spoonful of Sarah Holloway to your day and you’re guaranteed to be inspired. At only 28 years of age Sarah’s bio only scrapes the surface on her remarkable career to date – but it seems that Sarah was destined for success long before she finished Year 12.

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