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The Cool Career is the ultimate career guide that inspires girls to follow their dreams, make radical decisions, and leave a positive, but disruptive impact on the world around them. We do this by interviewing empowering women, who live purposeful, fearless lives. With a no BS approach, we extract their career story, advice and knowledge, and package it up into compelling content – to inspire the next generation of strong women.

The Cool Career is for…

  • Girls that are studying Year 12 and scared that they STILL don’t know what they want to do with their lives;
  • Girls that need help identifying their strengths, to help make the right career choice
  • Girls that don’t enjoy Year 12 but don’t know what else is out there;
  • Girls that feel that they don’t belong in High School;
  • Girls that don’t understand how to find their passion, and don’t know why that’s important;
  • Girls that want help in applying for Internships or jobs;
  • Girls that want to find their tribe;
  • Girls that want career advice from some of the most successful women in the world;
  • Girls that are stressing out about school, work, careers… boys;
  • Girls that are thinking of taking a year off after Year 12 to explore the world;
  • Girls that want to become entrepreneurs and create the next BIG thing;
  • Girls that want to lead epic, fulfilling, disruptive, AMAZING lives.

About Me

If you have stumbled upon this neck of the internet woods, then it’s only customary that I welcome you with open arms because The Cool Career is for you.

The obligatory ‘About Me’ page is so aloof; it’s boring and kind of makes me gag, but totally necessary in this instance. Why? Because I want you to trust in me, trust in this moment, and ultimately trust in yourself.

Are you ready? Let’s jump in.

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My name is Kura, and I am hand on heart obsessed with helping girls achieve their greatest, most unapologetically epic lives, coupled with a career of their dreams. I want girls to understand what it feels like to be daring, creative and mammoth and to ask for what they want – all of the time.

I loved Year 12. It was one crazy, non-stop lightening fast year for me. I worked part time at McDonald’s, had the most amazing group of friends (which are still my besties today), completed work experience placements at some awesome companies (does the Melbourne Fashion Festival sound exciting?), got my license (after failing once), I was ambitious, loud, and sure of myself. I was so sure of myself that it didn’t once cross my mind that I wouldn’t get a high enough score be able to get into my ‘dream course’ at University.

But that was exactly what happened.

Life certainly wasn’t over; a good friend showed me a backdoor path to the exact same course. I enrolled in an Arts Degree, selected all of the required public relations subjects, and after two weeks I transferred over in the legit Public Relations Degree. Oh! And I majored in Journalism as well.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked for some amazing organisations, brands and even better clients in the world of PR and Marketing, but my true joy is helping my friends, sisters, colleagues, whoever really, find out what they want to do with their lives. I live for it.

So that is why I created The Cool Career. I truly feel that there needs to be more career resources out there for teenage girls.


A number of women that I have met over the years didn’t finish high school, let alone go on to further study, and are now CEOs or in senior management roles, through sheer grit and determination. I want to share these stories, so girls don’t feel like it’s the end of the world if they don’t get their highest possible marks at the end of Year 12, or if they chose nursing at school, but then decide to be a Digital Content Manager, years down the track.

Life is crazy, and emotional and freeing and fu*king amazing. I wish I had this very resource when I was in Year 12, so let’s get started!

Official Bio

Kura Antonello, brand manager, word weaver, story teller and leader of the head in the clouds brigade, presents The Cool Career. Drawing experience from her 13 year career in marketing and public relations, Kura is passionate about teaching girls how to identify, apply, and succeed in whatever career they want (without judgement, gender bias or prejudice) and to realise their worth.

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