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Jess Munday

Co-Owner / Custom Neon

BlogFounderHuman Resources

It’s always massively thrilling to come across someone that follows their intuition and goes for it. They make you sit up a bit straighter and pay attention. And if that person happens

Nicole Miran-Khan
Talent Manager-People and Culture / Lululemon Australia

I'm Buzzing, The Cool Career is SO inspiring.

Sali Sasi
Co-Founder / Poppy Renegade

I seriously love what you have built and are continuing to grow. I really love the mission of what you do but also your branding is freaking amazing too!

Nicola Fenton
Co-Founder / Play Creative

First up I’m SUPER PUMPED to be here jamming with you guys on all things career related! Finding your passion and making a career round it are things that I’m super passionate about so I love the work that Kura is doing with The Cool Career!

Katherine Sabbath

My hat goes off to you, you legend! What a fantastic resource you have created for our future female generation! Thanks for making this world a richer place.

Renee Enright

I totally agree that there needs to be more resources available to teenage girls and talking to a few myself I have seen the stress and pressure they feel during their final year exams, they have this preconceived idea that their final year scores will determine the success they achieve for the rest of their adult lives, it's crazy!

Cherie Clonan
Entrepreneur, Social Media Geek / The Digital Picnic

THIS is what girls NEED

Jaynee Penny

Jaynee Penny

Director / Triangl Swimwear


Have you ever met someone and instantly felt that your world was better for it? For me, there is life without Jaynee Penny, and life with Jaynee Penny. Since the day I stumbled across her Insta account that looked like pure summer

Yianna & Katianna Velos

Yianna & Katianna Velos

Co-founders of Golden Groves

BlogBusiness Owner

There is something so dam romantic about the business sisters Katianna and Yianna Velos have built. It’s a potent mixture of food, travel and storytelling, but also heavily laced with “just go out and build your thing” vibes.

Molly Kent

Molly Kent

Designer & Creative Director / DAY SEVEN

BlogCreative DirectorFashion

It’s not too often that you read the words ‘Melbourne Waitress Launches Tailor-Made Uniform Label’, and that’s why I am obsessed with this week’s #careerstory. Get ready to meet Molly Kent, a Melbourne-based former waitress who


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