12 TED Talks we can’t live without

12 TED Talks we can’t live without



I love TED! 

It takes a warrior to brave centre stage in an auditorium at TED. Just the warrior, the audience, and their thoughts.

Thoughts are the currency of our generation. They are the answer page in your maths text book, the glue that binds your false eyelashes to your face,  and the seeds that sprout and make change.

At The Cool Career, we love smart, crunchy, audacious women and their bright brilliant thoughts. We also love the dark, blistering, uncomfortable thoughts that make you question, that make you challenge.

Here are our top 12 TED Talks that all smart girls need to watch right now.

  1. “Locker room talk.” Says who? / Alexis Jones. This TED Talk by author, activist and the Founder of I AM THAT GIRL, Alexis Jones, made me cry. I am obsessed with the delivery of this talk, Alexis is real and this topic is so relevant. Violence against women is a human issue… YES ALEXIS!

  2. I’m Taking my Body Back / Rupi Kaur. Incredible Poet, Rupi Kaur’s frist TED Talk takes the audience on a journey about surviving and healing after sexual assault. Despite the subject matter, the talk was nothing short of beautiful. Rupi is a Superstar!

  3. To find work you love, don’t follow your passion / Benjamin Todd. Because guys are smart as well. No, but really this TED Talk, asks the questions that none of us want to answer. Oh yeah, this one is a goodie.


  4. Plus-size? More Like My Size / Ashley Graham. Model Ashley Graham, has the BEST Instagram account, but it’s her TED Talk, where this babe gets real. Preferring to call her body ‘MY SIZE’, this TED Talk needs to spoken about. Show your friends and have a real discussion about the topic. I challenge you. 

  5. Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model / Cameron Russell. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this TED Talk. Nothing more needs to be said. Just watch it.

  6. Dare to disagree / Margaret Heffernan. Challenger Thinking. If we stop being afraid of conflict by learning how to manage it, we would discover our great capacity for innovation and change. You’re top notch, Margaret. Ted Gold, right here. 

  7. Still figuring it out / Tavi Gevinson. In her current incarnation, Tavi is the Editor-in-Chief of Rookie Magazine, the online publication for teenage girls. This talk is fierce, the opening is the BEST!

  8. How To Paint Your Mind / Amelia Halls. Depression, Ah seriously, can’t this cloud just bugger off? This TED Talk is fairly new on the circuit, but I watch it a couple of times a week. Can the simple act of painting really change your thoughts? I think yes!

  9. Calling out misogyny in the gaming world / Lilian Chen. Can I get a virtual high five for gamers? Personally, I have never been one… and I must admit, Lilian has changed my naive stereotype for what I believed a gamer looks like. Her style is on point. Such a great, relevant insight into misogyny. Thoroughly enjoyed this talk.

  10. To raise brave girls, encourage adventure / Caroline Paul. According to author, firefighter, paraglider and all-around adventurer Caroline Paul, when we encourage girls to take risks and explore new adventures, we help in the development of gutsy girls who will grow up to be brave women. AMEN Caroline. Amen.

  11. The art of asking / Amanda Palmer. Asking for what you want. Sounds easy right? For some of us, it isn’t. Love this TED Talk, it spoke to me. It’s takes something BIG to be a street performer. So relevant for so many girls right now. Ask!

  12. Your body language may shape who you are / Amy Cuddy. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shares an easy way that anyone can change not only others perceptions of them, but the way they feel about themselves, spending two minutes “power posing” with their arms or elbows out, their chin lifted and their posture expansive.  This is my go to TED Talk, I love this woman. Try it, it works. 

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