Cherlene Lee

Cherlene Lee

Veterinarian / My Vet Animal Hospital


Saving the lives of Australia’s cutest furbabies might sound like a dream job, but to Sydney Vet, Cherlene Lee it’s a whole-lotta hard work as well. Cherlene Lee is not your ordinary vet. 


Ellice Whichello

Ellice Whichello

Paediatric Specialist / Nestle Health Science

BlogSales & BusinessScience

Yes, that’s her… Up at 4am each and every morning; sweating, punching, and moving. Yes, that’s her… Business women, in a suit, perfectly manicured and cool AF! Yes, that’s her… Passionate about nutrition and helping others live a vitality packed life. Yes, that’s her… Loving her family and supporting her friends. Yes, that’s her… Ellice Whichello, the girl we currently blame for our recent OBSESSION with JLo’s Instagram Account, it’s truly becoming serious!

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