Dream a little bigger at The Cool Career LIVE

Dream a little bigger at The Cool Career LIVE


The countdown is on… Are You Ready for The Cool Career LIVE?

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Imagine spending an afternoon with your girls, and some of the country’s most epically talented entrepreneurs and business women. Imagine being able to find out EXACTLY how these women applied for their jobs, what schools and universities they went to (if any), and their must-have advice for ace-ing school and landing your dream career.  Imagine receiving an injection of confidence and leaving with the tools and inspiration that you need to smash your career goals in 2017.

Well girls, you can at The Cool Career LIVE.

We know all about you, truly… we do.

You’re the leader of your own destiny, whatever that may be. You are brave, but sometimes you’re not. You’re bold, but sometimes you’re confused. You’ve realised that women can do anything they set their mind to, and that’s why you’re here, in our patch of the internet woods.

You want to know the truth?


  • Who says you have to wait until University to complete an internship at your favourite company?
  • Who says that what your older sister did is the best course for you?
  • Who says that you can’t be the Marketing Manager at Roxy if you haven’t completed Uni?
  • Who says you’ve gotta hide or stifle your gifts because you are young?


If you know that there is more out in the world for you, (and I know you totally do), but don’t know what that is yet, then The Cool Career LIVE is for you. Sometimes you gotta say SCREW IT and just go for it.

So…  if that whisper from your inner brain, has turned into a not-so-gentle nudge, or a flat out punch in the face…then what are you waiting for? 

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The Cool Career LIVE: For the students. The seekers. The (big) dreamers. The local thinkers, The rebels-with-a-cause.

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(P.S, want to see some sneaky shots from last years event? Ok, we will give them to you)

Cool AF spaces, to house the coolest brains

Insanely talented Ellice Whichello takes the stage

Presenters Sarah and Tully from Tully Lou

Tahli and Renwick Watts from Golden Grind

Yes, we want you to be part of the next evolution, are you ready? Tell your friends, it’s about to get hot in here!


The Cool Career 


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