Heidi Albertiri

Heidi Albertiri

Business Owner, Stylist, Editor / Life Style Edit

Business Owner

What is it about peeping into the lives of others that fascinates us? For us here at The Cool Career diving into the lives and careers of remarkable women is everything. Why? Because you can’t be, what you can’t see, and trust us… seeing this #careerstory could change your life. 

Heidi Albertiri defines what it means to be a “creative”.

Growing up in Maroubra in the south west of Sydney, Heidi was a sporty teenager and enjoyed organising people. Without any guidance from her High School, she set her sights on becoming a Sports Teacher but in a chance of fate her path changed direction.

In today’s interview, we dive into Heidi’s time at school, why she didn’t get into Uni, and how her life changed after buying a bunch of flowers. Yes, a bunch of flowers. 

These days Heidi is a big deal in the design, styling and creative space. With her background as the Senior Stylist of Home Beautiful magazine, Heidi has an innate talent for discovering trends within the market and translating them into beautiful imagery and styled displays. Prior to styling the glossy pages of magazines, Heidi spent 20 years styling flowers for homes, weddings and events, teaching workshops and running retreats in Bali.

Please meet Heidi Albertiri. 

Hello Heidi, thank you for agreeing to join us today. Can you start by telling us where you grew up and how your experience shaped the person you are, and the career that you are in today?

I was born by the beach in Maroubra NSW, but grew up in the south west of Sydney. I remember feeling like I never really fit in and would look at stores and the people around me and think “there has to be more than this, what else can I do?”

Where did you go to High School and how was that experience for you?

I went to a Catholic girls school and then changed to a Catholic Co-Ed High School.

School for me was always slightly awkward as again I never felt like I quite fit in. I was sporty and focused on that. Looking back now I can see I was organised and loved to organise other people.

Did your high school play an important role in helping you choose your further education and future career?

I don’t feel my High School guided me in any way that made an impact. I wasn’t advised to do anything in particular and I hadn’t really tapped into my creativity as an option for work yet.

It’s funny that no one pointed out I could make a career out of being creative. At the time I wanted to be a sports teacher because I thought sports was the only thing I could do.

Did you complete any internships or work experience placements in high school? Tell us about that experience.

I did work experience at a childcare centre. It was a while ago, I loved kids, but I don’t think I could have followed that path. It didn’t fulfil me or really excite me.

Did you go to College, University, Tafe or another equivalent? Take us through the courses that you studied and why you chose them?

I missed out on University at the time by about 5 marks, and so my dreams of being a sports teacher went out the window.

I then went on to study a year of child care, I hated it.

My life changed course when I went to buy a bunch of flowers for someone one day. I didn’t like the way they were arranged so I pulled them apart and redid them. Within a week I was enrolled in Tafe to study Floristry and I haven’t looked back.

It was the start of my creative journey.


Tell us about your career journey so far. Who you have worked for, and explain any highlights.

I quickly got the hang of floristry, we just fit, we worked and I loved it, early morning flower market visits suited me and I remember my heartfelt full when I would show up.

I quickly learned everything I could about the industry. I immersed myself in it, I got a job starting at 1 am at the flower markets, then I would go to my job that started at 8am and work all day.

I was exhausted but happy. When I was 19 I bought a flower shop and it grew from there. I sold the last shop in 2009 for a career change.

Heidi and her team.

How did you get into the job that you are in now?

When I sold my shop it was time to start a fresh, I sent my resume to everyone I knew and eventually got a call as an assistant at Home Beautiful Magazine.

I worked freelance for them, watched everything, took note and eventually worked my way up to Senior Stylist. From there I left to pursue my own inner stirrings and that is how I started The Life Style Edit.

What is the hardest part of owning your own business?

Cash flow. When you grow so fast you need the staff behind you to support the business and you, yet you don’t quite have enough money to afford the people you need.

What does a typical business day look like for you at TLSE?

We say anything is possible at TLSE.

We have a studio in our space so we could be shooting content for a brand, for our own blog or we could be styling a shoot, writing articles, researching, creating mood boards, writing briefs, proof-reading, it is an endless task that never ends.

The Life Style Edit Hire Space

Who has been your hero, or greatest inspiration growing up and why?

I wouldn’t say there was one, but I would take notice of many and put it all together, I read a lot of books from entrepreneurs and took what I needed from them. I feel like whatever I need always shows up to guide me to the next level.

What advice would you give girls who are interested in your career?

Work hard, don’t expect things to fall in your lap, don’t give up, ask questions, be prepared to get in there, pitch in, offer yourself up for everything, and watch, learn and take initiative.

List the most valuable resources that you turn to constantly for inspiration?

I just want to say how important I think it is to walk your own path. There is no other business out there like TLSE doing what we do. They may do 1 or 2 things but we march to the beat of our own drum. I trust my instinct and I follow what feels true to me and my values. I look at others with positivity and support women who are making an effort to follow their own paths.

  • Favourite Websites:  The Grace Tales
  • Name an Instagram Account that you can’t go a day without checking: I don’t have time to stalk but if I do. It’s @Baliinteriors
  • Favourite Netflix Series: Downtown Abbey for sure. The styling and the fashion and the sayings fill my heart.
  • Favourite all time book/s: Eat Pray Love ….. it’s all about a journey.
  • People: My Husband and Son and my team who have become family. Zali is an only child but has suddenly inherited 5 sisters. He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry ( he’s 14 ! )


  1. Toni Sullivan

    Great story guys. I’m newly retired at 52 and am channeling my own creative vibe. I am mid project on a property at Blueys Beach and thinking I have found a new interest. #swellatblueys
    I found hiedi’s Story very inspirational. Thank you. Toni

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