Jaynee Penny

Jaynee Penny

Director / Triangl Swimwear


Have you ever met someone and instantly felt that your world was better for it? For me, there is life without Jaynee Penny, and life with Jaynee Penny motivating me. From the day I stumbled across her Insta account (that looked like pure summer, and made me strive harder to reach for my dreams) I knew that the world would benefit from her story as I had.

Jaynee’s path to finding her thing has been a smashing roller-coaster of ups and downs and far from conventional. After studying a Medical Science and Law Degree (and being admitted to the BAR, no less) and working within the industry, Jaynee took a hook turn and launched her career as a Buyers Admin Assistant in 2012 at General Pants Co – without any experience but with a glittering thirst for knowledge.

With her keen eye for the latest trends and a trusted gut instinct when it comes to style Jaynee is now the director of cult Australian swimwear label Triangl, where she wears a multitude of hats in an array of roles across the business including Design, Merchandise Planning, Retail Operations, Campaign Production and Wholesale. 

Pic Credit: mgmt.com.au

Jaynee braved the stage at O’Week earlier this year where she answered questions about her career trajectory and served up the best advice for others wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Here are our favourite insights and career lessons from Jaynee’s Interview.


☀️ Put yourself in the best position to be noticed. Rock up to workplaces, slide into someone’s DM’s, volunteer, intern, and gather as much work experience as possible.  Do anything that makes you stand out.

☀️ You need to make sure your resume is polished. Think good grammar, check for spelling mistakes, all of that. I also look for previous experience in an industry. I like to hire retail staff that do have previous retail experience. Keep in mind that skills translate from one industry to the other, so, if you’ve got any form of customer service, or if you have studied something completely different at Uni I like to see how you can apply those skills to a retail job. Also, remember to let yourself shine through in your application. I want to know about you. I want to know what gets you up in the morning. I want to know your interests, and what can you bring to Triangl. And finally, please make your application short and sharp – a one-page summary is perfect.

☀️ Yes, I do google candidates and I also check out Instagram. So yeah, your social presence is important. There’s nothing I’ve ever seen that might stop me from hiring someone, but I use it as a tool to get an understanding of who this person is, in terms of their personality.

☀️ Every job I’ve ever gotten, I’ve probably not been ready for it. You just throw yourself into the deep end and then be confident, but ask for help. You need to know what resources are available to you. When I was starting out at General Pants I had a girl that was a few years older than me in a different team and I would ask her everything. I was always trying to learn and be resourceful.

☀️ In each job I pinpoint someone that I want to be, and slowly make them my mentor. I always think like “Oh, that person is really good at E-commerce, I’m going to reach out to them.” Be resourceful, people are wanting to help you succeed.

Pic Credit: mgmt.com.au / @triangl

☀️ So whenever I’ve had girls work for me in the past, I’ll always encourage them to start working at a level that they want to work at. For example, if you start a new job, and you’re working from 7 am to 9 pm, your boss is going to expect that and if you leave work at 5 pm, one day instead of nine, they’ll think something’s wrong. You need to set the expectation early. I like to exercise go for a swim and cook dinner – these are my non-negotiables.

☀️ Regarding salary expectations and how to ask for what you want in an interview, I would go into a job interview prepared with what my expectation is. Personally, my expectation has always been based on what I’ve been paid at previous jobs, and what the market salary is. Check HAYES, check out pay salary guides online and ask around. If you find it hard discussing salary expectations in a job interview it’s fine to tell the interviewer that you will come back to them on that.

Pic Credit: mgmt.com.au

If you want to see the entire interview (and see a cameo appearance from Jaynee’s husband Richie) then check it out now via the video below.  

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