Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath

Cake Creative + Cookbook Author


With more than 370,000 followers on Instagram, Australia’s resident Cake Creative, Katherine Sabbath is an audacious viral sensation. With a super cool “Go Ahead Bake my Day” ethos, Katherine is Australia’s resident Wonker with kaleidoscopic vision’s that inspire the mind, and tantalise the taste buds in equal measure.

Peel apart the razzle dazzle of candy coloured hair and an obvious love affair for ahhhhmazing clothes that scream, and you will find a creative Sydneysider that kicked off her career as a High School teacher. Yes, Katherine is a teacher by trade. These days, Katherine’s minutes are jam-packed with TV appearances, developing and testing recipes, collaborating with the sweetest brands, photo shoots with her equally talented bestie (special shout out to  Nikki To), and preparing and teaching her ‘oh so sweet’ baking workshops.

Search the hashtag #cakelife and you will see firsthand how Katherine is “baking the world a better place”. This #careerstory is like the ultimate sugar rush. It’s a mandatory follow-your-heart story. One for all the dreamers, doers and the I still don’t knower’s. Personally, I could scroll Katherines socials all, day, long. And please… donut (see what I did there?) get me started on her obvious eyeliner skills – that’s another interview all together.

Ladies and Ladies, please meet Katerine Sabbath…

The one and only Katherine Sabbath, Welcome to The Cool Career! Can you start by telling us where you grew up and how your experience has shaped the person you are and the career that you are in today?

Hello! I grew up in Wollongong (just over an hour down the coast from Sydney), Australia and stayed here until I was 25 years old. I lived very close to the beach and would visit most days after school, so I have always loved our natural environment. I find being near large bodies of water and sunshine, very relaxing for me and good for the soul.

Growing up, I always loved helping other people and am naturally a very patient person. I think both things have a lot to do with having a younger brother, who I adore and always defend. I knew that teaching and helping other people in any way would be a satisfying career for me, and I was right! I loved my role as a High School Teacher.

Where did you go to High School and how was that experience for you?

I went to a private catholic school close Wollongong (although I’m not religious). I mostly have fond memories of this school and had teachers who pushed me academically, but the school had a vert strict culture when it came to individuality and diversity, which didn’t sit well with my personality. Unfortunately, our career advisors weren’t very helpful when it came to offering us dynamic career suggestions. It would have been great if us students were introduced to more real-life role models!

Did your high school play an important role in helping you choose your further education and future career?

I always knew teaching was a very important role in society and I always respected my teachers at school. I also knew which teachers I liked and learned from the most (those who were passionate about the subject, enthusiastically encouraged others, and were responsible), and I had a strong feeling I shared the same qualities.

Did you complete any internships or work experience placements in high school? Tell us about that experience.

I passed on this opportunity, as I was disengaged with the options my school had available.

Did you go to College, University, Tafe or another equivalent? Take us through the courses that you studied and why you chose them?

I studied at The University of Wollongong, undertaking the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature and Education
  • Honours Degree, majoring in English Literature
  • Graduate Diploma of Education, majoring in English and Society & Culture

I chose to study these courses because I deeply enjoyed learning about them, and I found it very satisfying to push myself academically!

You go girl! Learning is the best, and it’s even better when you LOVE it! So let’s chat about your career. Who you have worked for, and explain any highlights.

I’ve been grateful to have worked with many inspiring people and brands but to name a good few: Anna Polyviou, Ken Done, Pyrex, Kenwood, Pandora, Black Star Pastry, Covergirl, Elle Australia, and Barnardos Australia.

My biggest career highlight so far is successfully funding my debut cookbook through crowdfunding (Kickstarter). It’s a pop-up cookbook containing all of my greatest cakes and will be ready for release in September 2017!

Katherine’s delectable creations, shot by the talented Nikki To.

Personally, I am obsessed with Kickstarter campaigns, we will also link to your Kickstarter Video below, because it’s so unreal.  Katheirne, how did your pathway morph into the role and business that you are in today?

I spent A LOT of time practicing my baking and cake decorating during any spare moment (as it was and still is my passion), and thanks to being able to share my work on Instagram with other like-minded people and saying YES to exciting opportunities, the rest is history!

What is the hardest part of your work these days as a Cake Creator?

Refraining from eating too much cake and sugar, haha. That part is definitely a hazard of the job as I’m always taste-testing my recipes. Thankfully, I love eating my veggies and enjoy exercise, which helps!

One of the down-sides with being self-employed is that I don’t have benefits such as sick leave or paid holidays, so I have to be very responsible with saving money in case of emergencies and staying on top of securing new work opportunities.

Katherine in the kitchen whipping up her creations.

We would love to dive deeper into self-employment. What does a day a typical business day look like for you? We love specifics here at The Cool Career, so tell us everything.

I wake up early and either go to boot camp (outdoor exercise in the park with a fun group of people) or sleep in just a little! First things first, I have a solid breakfast, then I’m working through my emails for 1-2 hours. The rest of the day I’m either running errands (sourcing cake ingredients, supplies etc), in exciting work-related meetings, hosting workshops or speaking events, recipe testing new cake ideas, and my favourite part, uploading photos to Instagram/Facebook and replying to the lovely comments!

Katherine was a special guest on The Morning Show.

Yeah, I am kind of obsessed with Instagram at the moment as well! Do you have a hero or mentor? Who did you look up to growing up and why?

My German Grandmother instilled in me the importance of good quality ingredients and the generous quality of baking things from scratch for other people. She always had a delicious German cake or tart waiting for us whenever we came to visit!
My Mother, Yen, inspires me because she’s fearless, compassionate, and resilient. Likewise, my Dad, Hans, inspires me because he has a goofy sense of humour and can also fix anything!

What advice would you give girls who are interested in your career?

Work on improving your skills, as practice makes perfect, and don’t forget to highlight what makes you unique! Seek constructive feedback from those you respect and allow yourself to be inspired by whatever it is that you love!


Katerine’s Top Resource List

  • Favourite Blogs/Websites: I love Passion for Baking, Sweetapolita, and Bakerella.
  • Instagram Account/Snapchat that you can’t go a day without checking: I love anything Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) makes – she’s so much fun! I also like scrolling through the official Instagram account. There are so many cool stories and photos from around the world to be found here.
  • Books: Art books, fashion books, and cookbooks!
  • People: Anyone who is interesting and deeply passionate about what they do.
  • Others: Our natural environment and the beautiful world around us!

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