Madeleine Zulian

Madeleine Zulian

Advice from the Class of 2015


There is nothing more exciting then this time of the year. Most of you have finished your exams and are eagerly waiting for your results. We sat down with Madeleine Zulian, another member of the Class of 2015 for her recap on her year and advice for those babes about to finish… school… forever! Enjoy!

Hi there, can you tell us a bit about where you grew up? What town did you live in?

I grew up in Werribee. A town between Melbourne and Geelong. I moved four times however always staying within Werribee.

Where did you go to High School?

I attended Mackillop Catholic regional college in Werribee.

How was Year 12 for you?

Year 12 was a bitter sweet year. An exciting time, as it was my last year of high school, however also a little sad as I was ending a large chapter in my life, that being schooling. The 13 years I had spent in school was coming to an end. No doubt it was also a stressful year, filled with countless sacs and a truck load of practice exams.

What subjects did you select in Year 12?

The subjects I completed in year 12 were: Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development, General Mathematics and English.

Madeleine (1st from left) and her friends.

Madeleine (1st from left) and her friends.


What was your favourite subject?

My favourite subject was defiantly psychology. I found it so interesting and was always excited to learn more each lesson. Even though it was quiet a heavy work load and an enormous amount of content to remember, it challenged me and tested my abilities.

Did you get along with your teachers?

Most teachers were easy to get along with. The teachers wanted you to do well and would offer a lot of their spare time to help students study and offer so many useful resources to assist us in our final exams. If you were lucky, a lot of teachers would offer up their lunch time and run revision classes!

Tell us about your end of year exam experience?

End of year exams was a stressful time for me. It was a lot of build up to your exams, so much studying, time, effort, and practice exams were involved, however once you were in the room completing the exam you realized it wasn’t that bad after all. I was more then happy for the exams to finally be over! I learnt a lot from completing exams, it was a learning experience for me.


What are your top study tips for nailing your exams?

ORGANISATION. Would have to been the best piece of advice I can offer to any student completing year 12. From the start of the year it is such a good idea to have a revision book, collect notes from every lesson for each subject. Pictures, videos, websites, books, ANYTHING. Collect it all. Form study groups with your friends is also a great idea. Collaborating notes is such a good idea. Take breaks – its okay to go out with your friends or take your dogs for a walk. Locking yourself in your room and studying for copious amounts at one time is not healthy.

Did your high school play an important role in helping you choose your further education and future career?

From year 9 my school started to help us choose subjects that would aid us in landing our dream course. Through our subject “Wellbeing” it focused around making resumes, searching courses, searching careers and also meeting with the career councillor to guide us into the correct direction to follow a pathway to our dream careers. We also had a lot of career days, where we would go to a university and collect so many pamphlets on all different university’s and courses, that was really helpful.

Are you currently in College, University, Tafe or another equivalent? Take us through the course that you are studying and why you chose it?

I started a Bachelor of Nursing at Victoria University at the start of this year, however I decided to defer until semester 2 of 2017. To travel and to also have a break from studying. Reasons being why I choose this course is because have always wanted to be a nurse. I want a career that challenges me and also a career in which I help people and hopefully make a difference to their day.

What was the hardest part of Year 12 exams?

The hardest part of year 12 exams for me was that all my exams were so close together. Most were a day apart; some were even on the same day! It was pretty stressful. I made a timetable of all my subjects and arranged times for when I would study for each. This was really helpful as it gave me a guide to go by.


What advice would you give girls who are about to finish Year 12?

Don’t worry too much about your score. There are always other pathways to your dream career, you are so young, you have so much time. Stress less! Enjoy the final weeks with your friends, cherish these moments as they do not last forever.

Ok babe, can you please list your most valuable resources that you turned to constantly for inspiration in Year 12?

  • Favourite Blogs or Websites: VCE discussion pages were so great to look out for tips on studying and tips for the exam, it was also comforting to see every other year 12 was stressing just as much as I was! Travel blogs – they gave me inspiration to keep going, because after VCE was all over it was time to relax.
  • Instagram Account, or Snapchat that you can’t go a day without checking:Any Instagram account that consisted of VCE memes.
  • People: Mum – she was always there for me at any hour of the night and day when I would be stressed. All my friends – There was nothing better then walking out of a sac and then venting to all your friends about how well you did or how bad you did. Past students that completed VCE.
  • Others:NETFLIX – A way I would motivate myself to study was by bribing myself. If I sat for 2 hours and studied, then I could watch 2 episodes of a series on Netflix.

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