Mia Plecic

Mia Plecic

Founder / Slick Hair Company


Mia Plecic is a young woman who exudes a very honest, grounded sort of joy – the type that makes you want to instantly be her best friend, and gobble up all her best business advice that she so refreshingly gives.

As the founder of Slick Hair Company, her 5th business, Mia is making some serious waves in the business community with her products now being sold online and even at retailers like Priceline, yes… Priceline – not bad for a young women that started working straight after high school.

What I loved massively about this interview, is how Mia kept on going, even after adversity. Dive deep into Mia’s personal Instagram account and you will see reels of her packing orders, chatting candidly about business, and even a surprise moment when she gifts her Nona a designer bag, something she has always wanted to do. Literally I am OBSESSED!

In this interview we take a deep dive into Mia’s life at school, what kicked off her entrepreneurial journey and the advice she gives anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps. 

Let’s begin.

Where did you grow up and how has your experience shaped the person you are, and the career that you are in today?

I grew up in a small coastal town on the Surf Coast in Victoria called Aireys Inlet. I grew up motor bike riding, horse riding and surfing (trying to anyway) I had a great upbringing. As a teenager I felt a little secluded but looking back now as an adult I am grateful for that lifestyle that I had. It taught me stillness and how to live a calm life and I believe I have carried those traits into my adult life, living in the city.

When you were a young girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

It’s interesting, from such a young age I always had such a fascination for money and what it could buy you. I knew from a young age that with hard work comes great reward and I knew that I wanted a good life.

I didn’t want to struggle financially and I wanted to be able to support my family if needed.

Where did you go to High School and how was that experience for you?

I went to a small High School in Lorne, a beach side town near where I grew up. It was a bit of a novelty being able to see the ocean from my classrooms and take science class on the beach, but all in all I hated school, it was a really horrible experience for me and it still triggers me to this day. I experienced a lot of bullying, I was always the kid that got picked on and pushed around. I’m not too sure why, but it made the resilient and strong-maybe it was a blessing that it happened to me!

Did your high school play an important role in helping you choose your further education and future career?

Not really, as I mentioned, I hated school, the sooner I finished the better! When I finished school I really didn’t know what I wanted to do career wise. I did however know that I wanted to be successful.

Did you complete any internships or work experience placements in high school? Tell us about that experience.

Nothing! Is that bad? Haha. I enrolled myself into a Personal training course fresh out of school because I thought that was the only way I could get started in running my own business.

Did you go to College, University, Tafe or another equivalent? Take us through the courses that you studied and why you chose them?

After about a year or so into my PT life, I decided to enroll in an Exercise Science Degree (who knows why!) I got about a year into that degree and, what do you know!, I hated it. I quite right away and took a step back from the fitness industry, I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Soon after I started my first business, Pearly Whites Australia.

How did you get into the job that you are in now?

I was always quite driven and ambitious growing up so finding a “job” that allowed me to have creative control was important to me. Entrepreneurship really fell on my lap when I had a “light bulb moment” at aged 22. I knew that this business path was the one that I wanted to explore and I am so glad that I did.

What is the hardest part of your current job as a Founder and entrepreneur?

I think the hardest part about what I do is the fact that I am the one at the top of my company. I’m the one that has to make all the tough decisions, decisions that could potentially be detrimental to my company. I’m that one that puts out all the fires! I’m pretty much a firefighter.

What does a day a typical business day look like for you in your current job?

I usually get into the office between 8-8:30am. I will generally go to the café up the street and get my usual order which consists of a slice of toast with avocado and an oat chai latte to go. No two days are ever the same in the office, which I love. Whether it be helping the team pack orders, doing an overview with the team about upcoming campaigns, going over P&Ls or overseeing our financials. Every day presents a new challenge and that’s why I love what I do so much.

Who has been your hero, or greatest inspiration growing up and why?

100% my Nona. She really is my best friend. Nona and I have such a special connection and she has always supported me in what ever it is I have pursued in life, and for that I am very grateful.

What advice would you give girls who are interested in your career?

If Entrepreneurship is something that pricks your ears and something that you see yourself pursuing then my advice is jump right in. Emerge yourself in personal development, grow your knowledge, read case studies, study social media from a different angle other than through consumer eyes. Find product that you can turn into a trend. And be prepared to fail over and over again, it’s part of the game!

List your most valuable resources that you turn to constantly for inspiration in your profession?

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