Monday 14th – Wednesday 16th February 2022

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    Your O'Week Hosts
  • Jaynee Penny
    Creative Director / Triangl
  • Crystal Bailey
    Interior Designer / Stylist
  • Chloe Brown
    Marketing Director / Airbnb Aus & NZ
  • Sali Sasi
    Creator / Her Black Book
  • Kura Antonello
    Founder / The Cool Career
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The O'Week Schedule
Q'n'A's, Resources and BONUS VIP Masterclass
  • Session #1: Become un f*ckwithable in 2022 & Live Career Q’n’A with Interior Designer to the stars Crystal Bailey
    When: Monday, 14th February 2022 @9:30am AEDT (Vic time)

    Learn how to get unstuck and not waiver from what you want in 2022 with Crystal Bailey. Crystal has designed spaces for the likes of Lorna Jane, Lisa Messenger and has recently launched Crystal Bailey Home. She is a straight-shooting businesswoman that isn’t afraid to tell the real truth about her career and how she got her foot in the door. Do not miss this session!

  • Session #2: Medical Science and Law Graduate to buyer and now Creative Director. Learn how to switch careers and travel the world Jaynee Penny from fashion brand, Triangl
    When: Monday 14th February 2022 @12pm AEDT (Vic time)

    In this clarinet masterclass – ha! Only kidding, (if you follow Jaynee on Instagram you will understand the inside joke). Jaynee will be joining us talking about her journey, the strategies she wishes she had known when starting out and the things she looks for when hiring new staff. Get your questions ready for this one because Jaynee is going to answer all.

  • Session #3: Personal Branding and Reinventing Yourself with Sali Sasi, Co-Founder of Stylerunner and the incredible new Her Black Book
    When: Tuesday, 15th February 2022 @9:30am AEST (Vic time)

    Learn the art of building connections, personal branding and reinvention in this candid chat with Sali Sasi. Sali and Her Black Book Co-Founder and sister Julie launched Her Black Book in October 2021 with 400 brands. Find out how Sali did it, and the mistakes she made early on in her career.

  • Session #4: BONUS VIP MASTERCLASS – 5 Job Search and Career Myths that are holding you back with Kura Antonello, Founder of THE COOL CAREER
    When: Tuesday, 15th February 2022 @12pm AEDT (Vic time)

    This is the MUST attend event of O’Week. I repeat, you DO NOT want to miss this Masterclass where I take you through 5 of the Most Common Job Search & Career Myths that are Holding you back in your Career and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do instead. I’m giving away my step-by-step roadmap that I use to help my clients land jobs at companies such as Mecca and CottonOn, plus I’m sharing my three-part NEVERFAIL process that will help connect and get a response from your DREAM CAREER CONTACT in 24 hours. (In 7 years, this process has NEVER not worked). You’ll also discover the new age critical elements required to ensure your next career move is a success, with real life examples so you walk away knowing exactly where to start.

  • Session #5: How to land a job at Airbnb with Global Marketing Manager Chloe Brown
    When: Wednesday, 16th February 2022 @9:30am AEDT (Vic time)

    Chloe pivoted her career in her early 20s and I now the Marketing Manager of Airbnb in Australia. In this career Q’n’A Chloe will answer all your questions on how to ask for a payrise, how to market yourself to stand out from the crowd and more.

  • Session #6: TBA
    When: Wednesday, 16th February 2022 @12:00pm AEDT (VIC time)

    To be announced soon


Tuesday, 15th February 2022 @12pm AEDT (Vic time)

THE event of O'WEEK 2022 -

Make sure you tune in to this special VIP Masterclass as I tell you the 5 Job Search and Career Myths that are Holding You Back in your Career and show you exactly what you should do instead. If you are planning on landing your dream job in 2022, then this class is for you.

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