Why did I start The Cool Career?

Why did I start The Cool Career?


On the 14th of July 2016 I pressed publish to a website that contained an idea that I had been suppressing for years. (5 years to be exact)

An idea that I had about helping girls in high school to live their wildest, happiest, informative and successful lives.

Why was I suppressing this moment you may ask?

Well to be 100% honest, I didn’t believe that the website was perfect enough, I didn’t love, love, love, my logo, I wanted to create a promo video, I wanted to launch with a fully fledged marketing plan, I wanted to visit schools and chat to teachers and students. I felt that I wasn’t ‘enough’ to launch.

But something happened on that winters day in July.

It was my brothers 30th birthday.

I was fighting with my boyfriend.

Work was crazy and out of control.

I had a massive presentation due at work.

I felt crazy and out of control.

It was 2pm, I was sitting in my car, about to head out and grab a late lunch and something pulled me.

No! actually something tugged at me, and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling to press ‘publish’.

So I did. I pressed that glorious publish button and I shared the website link on my personal Facebook page.

What happened next blew my bouncy curls into a full blown afro.

The praise rained in, the support I received was immense. People that I hadn’t spoken to in years contacted me congratulating me on this idea. Women, girls, aunties, teachers, daughters (and even dads) wrote me personal messages telling me that they wished The Cool Career was around when they were in high school.

The universe was validating my idea, that very same idea that I had kept buried for years.
That very same idea that I thought wouldn’t work, because it wasn’t perfect.

That is how The Cool Career began.

So why am I telling you this now?

I had always believed that The Cool Career could be turned into an epic live event. An event were girls could meet amazing women, listen to their stories, ask them questions and ultimately gain validation and courage to truly live a career of their dreams. I wanted a forum where girls in Year 12 could ask CEO’s questions, and network with other babes in the very same situation as them.

I wanted girls to feel what that elated high feeling, of being in a room with their mentor, or #careercrush, or best friend – and being so freakin inspired that they realised that nothing was in their way.

Well, that dream is becoming a reality….

Next Sunday at The Substation in Newport, The Cool Career LIVE will take its first step into the big, wild, world.

It’s the most exciting career networking event, specifically created for girls.

But this dream would not have become a reality without the help from an amazing group of #girlbosses that have graciously given up their time, to help you master your career.

These women are:
Jo Walker: Frankie Press
Tully Humphrey: Creative Director + Designer /Tully Lou
Sarah Prescott: General Manager of Marketing /THANKYOU
Tahli Watts: Co-Owner /Golden Grind
Ellice Whitchello: Paediactric Specialist /Nestle Health Science
Sarah Pasini: Marketing /Tully Lou


If someone had told me years ago that I would be inspiring thousands of girls all over Australia, and sometimes daily with my career interviews then you know what I would have done?

I would have pressed the ‘go’ button sooner.

SO here’s the thing.

If you have read any of the interviews on The Cool Career, experienced any, yes’s, Ah Ha’s, light-bulbs, or “OMFG THAT’S SO ME’s”, then…

You need to experience The Cool Career LIVE. This event will give you a much needed mid-exams injection of inspiration. It will help prepare you for your end of year results. It will enable you to gain some clarity around internships, job applications and even gap year travel.

I know that you are all feeling blah, stressed and maybe a little scared at the moment, but so did I only 4 months ago, and now look at the movement that we have created. Yes we, you and I – we did this together.

Want to continue this ride? Join me here. You know you won’t regret it!

Here’s to pressing the GO button on your life and joining our #girlgang LIVE.


Kura and The Cool Career Team.

P.S. Check out the members of my personal #girlgang – these girls and a couple of others are the reason why I stand today. Love you ladies.




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