The time is now…

The time is now…


Today is our first birthday.

Last night our Founder Kura wrote an ode to our #girlgang, it’s just the thing you need to understand in your life tight now. 

Read below for all the details.

This quote…. ahhh this quote! I have had it saved for 7 months now, waiting for the right time to set it free in the world. You see, every time I read it, I burst into tears. Every time I read it, it melts straight into my day, because seriously every day I see opportunities where I know I deserve better.

Why is it that we sit uncomfortably still in the disappointment when we know that there is a better world out there? Is it the way girls are raised? Is it the way we pine for connection and acceptance from our mates, partners… even family – and will just deal with the injustice until we have it?

Over the past 12months, I have been witness to the lives of so many fucking incredible women. I have asked them to share their #careerstory , their hard times, and their future. To me, one thing is strikingly obvious. THEY ALL TOOK THE LEAP WHEN THEY REALISED THAT THEY DESERVED BETTER.

On the eve of our first birthday, I have a challenge for you. Look at yourself in the mirror, touch your cheeks, your nose, run your fingers through your hair + get comfortable. Look into your own eyes, look into your own soul + accept the one thing that you have been pushing down. Listen to that voice that has been telling you that you deserve better. Listen to your heart… your one true compass, + accept that you deserve better. Once you have identified it, say it out loud and believe it, because we all deserve better and the time is NOW.

12 months ago on this day I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I deserved better. The next morning I launched The Cool Career. Tonight I’m doing the same because I have finally realised that this + our community is truly home. Over the next 12 months, you will see plenty of changes. We are launching ‘School Sessions’, live video interviews, more live events, merchandise, products and SO much more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, support + community. To the gracious woman who have given their time. To our #girlgang that have jumped on the ride, + to my family and friends. I love you. My birthday wish is that we all wake up tomorrow and take action.

The time is now.

Love Kura.

Cheers, to the next year!


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