Why I loved 2021, and you should too!

Why I loved 2021, and you should too!


Tell me a more used term than “This year was CRAZY”? I swear every time I open an email these days and I read those words I roll my eyes and pray to the gods of originality to bless our copywriter souls.

I for one, FU*KING LOVED 2021.

Never before in my life have I gained more clarity, more respect for my profession (and that of others), and more electrifying optimism for my career than this year.

Do you want to know my number one takeaway from 2021?


I love the term CRAZY, and just a word of warning, I am going to use it with a fabulous, adoring, all-consuming, reckless abandon throughout this post, because instead of writing an ode to 2021 where I tell you that I navigated a global pandemic, cried when lockdown was extended and haven’t shifted those WFH kg’s I am going to convince you why this CRAZY year was exactly what your career needed.

Upon reflection, I have always been drawn to CRAZY. From boyfriends to spontaneous trips away, applying to jobs that I wasn’t “yet” qualified for and random jobs during Uni, I decided long ago that CRAZY was synonymous with success. Hell, even the way I applied for jobs after graduation could be seen as crazy to any upstanding “career counsellor”.

If we take a trip through the amplitude of history, we can find plenty of seemingly CRAZY people that shaped the world for better or for worse.

Andy Warhol, Roxy Jacenko, Muhammad Ali, Australian DJ FISHER, Joaquin Phoenix, Kayne West, Donald Trump, Britney Spears, etc. No matter what their profession these notoriously “crazy” humans have been massively ground-breaking and undeniably successful.

Yeah! I’ll take CRAZY thanks.


This CRAZY year has been the giver of plenty, and if you are mad enough to flick the CRAZY switch here is what you will gain:

  • CRAZY people are CRAZY enough to trust themselves. CRAZY people know themselves inside and out and when they decide on a direction, they don’t let their subconscious talk themselves out of it.
  • CRAZY people don’t give a f*ck what other people think. Nothing stops a crazy person. They aren’t shackled to the traditional. They don’t take offence when they don’t get the job, they almost dare the next HR Manager to not give them the job.
  • CRAZY people are magical beings that always stand out. When you are different you stand out. When you stand out, you get remembered. A cou[le of years ago I went to LA with my boyfriend. We stayed in a motel along Venice Beach and every morning we were serenaded by guitar playing, roller skating, turban-wearing, man outside our window. I can’t tell you how many times I have ran into someone that knew of this man.
  • CRAZY people learn fast and adapt at the speed of light.
  • CRAZY people just go for it. Maybe they will succeed, maybe they won’t. Maybe their TikTok will end up on Brown Cardigan, or maybe they will be discovered by a brand willing to pay them thousands of dollars for their content. Who knows? Whatever the answer, crazy people don’t let the fear of failing stop them from attempting to change their world.

So thank you 2021.

Thank you for being the exact unpredictable, scary, broke, CRAZY, awakening lesson that I needed.

Thank you for being a cluster f*ck of challenges that inevitably built my mental breeding ground of fresh ideas. The exact same fresh ideas that are going to make me blow 2022 apart with innovation for my craft.

Bring on 2022!

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