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Here’s the truth...

It’s no longer enough to go through high school, get good grades, go to Uni, graduate top of your class and then BAM…

Hello full time job at your dream company, complete with working from home Fridays, free coffee and RDOs.

Girl, that stuff just doesn’t happen anymore.

Nowadays job competition is fierce.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, how many distinctions you’ve got, or what school you went to, you are virtually no one, without a strong personal brand to help you stand out from the crowd.

A killer personal brand is like a good Beyoncé tune at your 21st: your party is good without it, but with it… your night will be magic, and your guests won’t stop talking about your dancefloor memories for months (maybe years to come).

Whether you are working in a job you hate, still studying at Uni, have no job experience, or somewhere in between, having a strong personal brand is a vital part of your career toolkit in the modern workplace.

“About 180,000 Australian students graduate each year so competition for coveted positions offered by leading organisations is fierce. A big part of the problem is the Australian economy, yet much of the challenge for graduates is individual – convincing an employer you’re the one that they want.”


I am here to help!

With over 15 years’ experience as a Brand Manager for some of the world’s most incredible creative brands and interviewing over 250 of Australia’s most prolific and inspiring business women, I am here to help you develop an irresistible personal brand that opens doors and helps you stand out.

Personal Brand
Strategy Package

(3 hour package)


payment plan available upon request

Can you imagine what life would be like to have someone coach you through every step of creating a killer personal brand?

To have someone tell you exactly what to say on your resume or LinkedIn profile so you are irresistible to the right people?

To have someone tell you what to focus on and how to actually do it so you don’t waste valuable time?

Well hello, I’m here to save your career bacon. Think of me as your personal brand cheerleader, your sounding board and accountability coach.

What’s included?

You, me, working 1:1 developing your very own personal brand. This is a collaborative package where we put together your full personal brand plan strategy, set up your LinkedIn profile, create a converting resume and teach you how you can get noticed by the right people.

You’ll fill out a pre-questionnaire to ensure that I know all about you and your current situation before our session. Then together we’ll take action by designing your new Personal Brand Strategy. We will work through my four winning components to a successful personal brand, starting with a brand audit to make sure that your digital backyard is in order to attract the right people.

I will also teach you how to constantly update your personal brand for success, so you can comfortably continue the process in your own time.

At the end of our 3 hour session you will receive a summary document of our time together and practical tips to help you continue the work at home. (Don’t worry, I don’t want to give you more work to do for the sake of it.)

You will also be able to contact me via email with any follow up questions you have after our time together.

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60 Minute
Career Clarity Session

(Our most popular session)


payment plan available upon request

This sharp shooting 60 minute session is for any girl wanting to discuss their personal brand and career growth without all the extras. Sounds good right?

You may want to brainstorm ways to get an internship at your favourite company, or you may want someone to look over your LinkedIn profile to see if it is optimized correctly. Or you may want some help putting together a job application.

This session is directed by you, and the areas that you specifically want to work on.

Topics Covered:

  • Career goal setting
  • Workshopping ideas on various career related scenarios, such as changing courses, etc. 
  • How to set up a high converting LinkedIn profile
  • Resume and Cover Letter design
  • How to network online and offline.
  • Networking opportunities for career success
  • Ideas on how to stand out during the job application process
  • What to do if I don’t have any job experience.
  • Effective personal brand content creation strategies, timelines and execution
  • Planning and implementing personal brand strategies across all platforms

At the end of our 1 hour session you will receive a summary document of our time together and practical tips to help you continue the work at home. (Don’t worry, I don’t want to give you more work to do for the sake of it.)

You will also be able to contact me via email with any follow up questions you have after our time together.

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Good Stuff Others Say

“How did you do that? I didn’t know that I had all that relevant experience until you showed me what to write about myself. I got my job at Decjuba today, despite not having any managerial experience – YAY! thank you so much.”

Amy A.

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