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Heidi Albertiri

Business Owner, Stylist, Editor / Life Style Edit

Business Owner

What is it about peeping into the lives of others that fascinates us? For us here at The Cool Career diving into the lives and careers of remarkable women is everything. Why? Because you can’t be, what you can’t see, and trust us… seeing this #careerstory could change your life.

Nicole Miran-Khan
Talent Manager-People and Culture / Lululemon Australia

I'm Buzzing, The Cool Career is SO inspiring.

Sali Sasi
Co-Founder / Poppy Renegade

I seriously love what you have built and are continuing to grow. I really love the mission of what you do but also your branding is freaking amazing too!

Nicola Fenton
Co-Founder / Play Creative

First up I’m SUPER PUMPED to be here jamming with you guys on all things career related! Finding your passion and making a career round it are things that I’m super passionate about so I love the work that Kura is doing with The Cool Career!

Katherine Sabbath

My hat goes off to you, you legend! What a fantastic resource you have created for our future female generation! Thanks for making this world a richer place.

Renee Enright

I totally agree that there needs to be more resources available to teenage girls and talking to a few myself I have seen the stress and pressure they feel during their final year exams, they have this preconceived idea that their final year scores will determine the success they achieve for the rest of their adult lives, it's crazy!

Cherie Clonan
Entrepreneur, Social Media Geek / The Digital Picnic

THIS is what girls NEED

Crystal Tsoi

Crystal Tsoi

Industry & Community Manager / Raffles College of Design and Commerce.


As the Australian fashion sect embarks on Carriageworks for a week of street style,  hob knocking, and perfect selfies at MBFWA,  one must pause and think about those unsung heroes of the industry. Those talented babes that educate and influence, that teach and foster the next gen. I’m talking about those people like Crystal Tsoi from Raffles College of Design and Commerce. 


Sammi Hardwick

Sammi Hardwick

Director / Double Tap Agency


We know it, the Social Media industry is a popular and rewarding industry to be part of. The clients, the launches, the fast pace, and perhaps spoken a little less about, the long hours. In such a crowded industry one woman stands out from the crowd, and that women is the insanely talented Sammi Hardwick.

Laura Oosterloo

Laura Oosterloo

Owner + Director / Bali Body

Business Owner

For Owner and Director, Laura Oosterloo, life is literally a beach. When she’s not developing cult worth body products, shooting bronzed, stunning models on the beach, or managing distribution, pr and logistics, you can find Laura and her Bali Body Co-Founder, (now husband) chasing the sun.



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