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Katherine Sabbath

Cake Creative + Cookbook Author


With more than 370,000 followers on Instagram, Australia’s resident Cake Creative, Katherine Sabbath is an audacious viral sensation.

Renee Enright

I totally agree that there needs to be more resources available to teenage girls and talking to a few myself I have seen the stress and pressure they feel during their final year exams, they have this preconceived idea that their final year scores will determine the success they achieve for the rest of their adult lives, it's crazy!

Chantelle Baxter
co-Founder & CEO / One Girl

Your project sounds SO awesome and I can remember so clearly the pressure of year 12.

Cherie Clonan
Entrepreneur, Social Media Geek / The Digital Picnic

THIS is what girls NEED

Vanessa Smith

Vanessa Smith

Creative Designer, Art Director, Brand Stylist + Artist


Dear World, it’s Kura here. I know you are crazy busy, doing stuff, but I just had to reach out and personally thank you for Vanessa Smith.

Prue Aja Steedman

Prue Aja Steedman

Fashion + Lifestyle Photographer / Prue AJA Photography


Talk about a Type A personality: Prue Steedman not only runs her own super successful fashion and lifestyle photography business, but she is also one of the most exceptional people that you will ever meet, I swear!

Alex Olsen

Alex Olsen

Jewellery Designer, Creative Director, Community Builder / Violet Gray


They say that curiosity killed the cat. I call bullshit. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, a stagnant, unfulfilled life did. A life without smiles did. A life without quenching curiosities did. A life without love, killed, that cat.



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